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Support for Health Sector Reform :  Philippines :Go to Project Summary

Support for Health Sector Reform :  Philippines

Timetable  |  Financing Plan and TA Utilization

TA Name Support for Health Sector Reform
Country Philippines
TA Number 4647
Project Number 39066- 01
Source of Funding/Amount[Closed]
Technical Assistance Special Fund US$1.00  million
Thematic Classification
Social Development
Gender Equity
Description Rationale. The primary challenge facing the health sector is identifying ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of health service delivery. The country is confronted with low public sector performance in the health sector, as it inadequately addresses (i) the health needs of the population at large, (ii) the financing or risk sharing mechanisms and burden of health care cost, and (iii) the inefficiencies, and the unnecessary cost burden of health care. Devolution had led to limited resources and weak capacity at the LGU level. HSRA provides the strategy to overcome these obstacles. A rationalized health service delivery system is expected to lead to efficiency gains. Improved coverage under social health insurance would reduce household health care cost burden. Improved capacity for planning and implementation would introduce appropriate programs and budgets to address the dual-disease burden, and seeking partnerships with the private and nongovernment sectors is expected to enhance effectiveness of health service delivery.

Impact and Outcome. The TA will provide support to enhance the implementation of HSRA. The TA will help build capacity in DOH to streamline policy and refine monitoring systems, and assist LGUs to initiate and implement these reforms. The TA will help the Government to head start HSRA in the 15 selected convergence sites. In 2003, DOH identified 15 convergence sites, as the first set of 15 out of the 79 provinces to achieve HSRA. The convergence site approach is a DOH strategy for phasing HSRA implementation in the provinces over time by streamlining policies, developing guidelines, concepts, and administrative orders, and harmonizing the processes between involved public actors at the central level. The TA will particularly accelerate HSRA implementation in up to 5 convergence sites under HSDP.

Methodology and Key Activities. The TA will consist of two components: (i) support for HSRA implementation; and (ii) initiatives to enhance capacity of local health care system under HSRA. The TA team will work closely with the Government and other stakeholders to help strengthen ongoing HSRA activities, in a timely fashion, through a comprehensive methodological assessment, technical review, building on international experiences, preparation of systems, and implementation capacity.

Implementation Arrangements. The TA will be implemented during 18 months (September 2005 to February 2007).
Linkage to Country/Regional Strategy In the 1990s, the Government introduced a comprehensive health sector reform program. This mandates the betterment of the health of the population and strengthening various functions of the health sector, including public health, hospital reform, health care financing, health regulations, and local health systems. The ADB project on Health Sector Development Program supports the Government of the Philippines's health sector reform program initiative, and addresses health concerns of the poor and vulnerable.
Outcome Progress Toward Outcome
The Department of Health (DOH) to streamline the Health Sector Reform Agenda (HSRA) policy and refine monitoring systems, and the local government units (LGU) to implement and sustain HSRA. The TA helps the Government give HSRA a head start in the 15 selected convergence sites by streamlining policies, develping guidelines, concepts, and administrative orders.
Outputs and Timeframe Status of Implementation Progress (Outputs, Activities and Issues)
The Project aims to achieve the following:
(i) Improved core referral hosptial efficiency
(ii) Improved quality and adequate budget for public health activities
(iii) Improved quality of health service delivery
(iv) Harmonized regulatory procedures
(v) Increase coverage of beneficiaries under the Philippines Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth)
The Project supports the HSDP in capacity building of the key reform plicies of FourMula One for Health, and in preparation for implementing reforms at the local HSDP project sites of Ilocos Norte, Ifugao and Oriental Mindoro.
The TA (i) assistrf DOH in learning more about public-private partnerships (from international experience) in health sector, to help them with policy development in the area, and (ii) assisted PHIC to develop a module for contracting of health services.
In support for DOH's dialogue to consider public-private partnerships (PPP) options for health services financing and delivery, this TA supports DOH in understanding of PPP modalities and consider the prerequisites and timing to scale-up implementation. The TA supports PhilHealth in strengthening procedures for contracting providers of health care in the public and private sectors.
Geographical Location Philippines
Responsible ADB Officer Vincent De Wit
Responsible ADB Department Southeast Asia Department
Responsible ADB Division
Executing Agencies Department of Health
Fact-finding 04 Apr 2005 to 29 May 2005
Approval 15 Sep 2005
Financing Plan / TA Utilization Top TA Amount
ADB Others Gov Total Approved Amount Revised Amount
$1,000,000.00 $1,000,000.00 $912,535.06
 Total Commitment Uncommited Balance Total Disbursement Undisbursed Balance
$912,535.06 $87,464.94 $912,535.06 $87,464.94
2008 Asian Development Bank

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