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Pakse Urban Environmental Improvement Project :  Lao People's Dem Rep :Go to Project Summary

Pakse Urban Environmental Improvement Project :  Lao People's Dem Rep


Grant Name Pakse Urban Environmental Improvement Project
Country Lao People's Dem Rep
Grant Number 0297
Project Number 43316- 03
Source of Funding/Amount[Approved]
Asian Development Fund US$3.25  million
Asian Development Fund US$24.25  million
Thematic Classification Environmental Sustainability
Economic growth
Capacity Development
Sector/Subsector Water and Other Municipal Infrastructure and Services / Multisector
Gender Mainstreaming Category Effective gender mainstreaming
Safeguard Categories Safeguard Categories explained (Launches new browser window)
  Environment B
  Resettlement B
  Indigenous People C
Stakeholder Communication, Participation and Consultation
During Project Design During project preparation, consultations took the form of informant interviews and focused-group discussions with community members and government officials, household surveys of expected project beneficiaries and affected people, and mass organizations (provincial Lao Womens Union and Lao Front for National Construction). Discussions were also held with womens union representatives in the Urban Development Administration Authoirty (UDAA) in Pakse and in the Department of Public Works and Transport in Champassak. Other stakeholders included: hotel, guest house and restaurant operators; landfill waste pickers; and vendors and shop owners. Further consultation is planned during project implementation and detailed design stage. Formal mechanisms for grievance redressal have also be established.
During Project Implementation A stakeholder and communication strategy has been prepared for project implementation.
Responsible ADB Officer Anupma Jain
Responsible ADB Department Southeast Asia Department
Responsible ADB Division Urban Development and Water Division, SERD
Concept Clearance 23 Jul 2010
Fact-finding 23 Feb 2012 to 01 Mar 2012
Board Approval 28 Jun 2012
2008 Asian Development Bank

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