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Secondary Education Sector Development Program (formerly Basic Education Sector Development Program II) :  Lao People's Dem Rep :Go to Project Summary

Secondary Education Sector Development Program (formerly Basic Education Sector Development Program II) :  Lao People's Dem Rep

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Grant Name Secondary Education Sector Development Program (formerly Basic Education Sector Development Program II)
Country Lao People's Dem Rep
Grant Number 0257
Project Number 40368- 02
Source of Funding/Amount[Approved]
Asian Development Fund US$30.00  million
Asian Development Fund US$10.00  million
Thematic Classification Social Development
Economic growth
Gender Equity
Capacity Development
Sector/Subsector Education / Multisector
Gender Mainstreaming Category Gender equity theme
Description The proposed Secondary Education Sector Development Program (SESDP) is a sector development program (SDP), consisting of (i) a program loan; and (ii) a project grant. The program loan would support key policy reform actions focused on strengthening the secondary education subsector (SES) -- which consists of lower secondary and upper secondary education (LSE and USE) -- throughout the Lao People's Democratic Republic (Lao PDR). The project grant would finance investments that directly link to and support delivery on those policy actions and ensure they are effectively operationalized. Complementary program and project components will collectively address key priorities related to equitable access, quality and relevance, and subsector management in SES. The Program will principally be national or nationwide in scope, with access-related project investments targeted to selected disadvantaged and underserved areas.

Subject to further review and dialogue between ADB and the Lao PDR government, the targeted impact of the Program will be improved educational attainment in Lao PDR, and the targeted outcome will be enhanced equity, quality, and efficiency of secondary education in Lao PDR. While the program and project components will principally be national or nationwide in scope, project investments to expand access will be targeted to 30 selected districts that are simultaneously classified by the government as "poorest"and "educationally disadvantaged".

The Program design directly supports the Ministry of Education in operationalizing the governments reform agenda and programs to strengthen education (with a focus on SES), including key targets set for SES under the Education Sector Development Framework (ESDF). Aligned with Lao PDR's ongoing SES reform agenda and ESDF's 3 pillars, the Program (including complementary policy program and investment project interventions) will deliver 3 core outputs: (i) expanded access to secondary education; (ii) improved delivery of new secondary education curricula; and (iii) strengthened SES management.
Project Outcome
Outcome Progress Toward Outcome
Enhanced equity, quality, and efficiency of secondary education in the Lao PDR
Implementation Progress
Outputs Status of Implementation Progress (Outputs, Activities and Issues)
Expanded access to secondary education
Improved delivery of new SES curricula
Strengthened SES management
Safeguard Categories Safeguard Categories explained (Launches new browser window)
  Environment C
  Resettlement C
  Indigenous People B
Summary of Environmental and Social Aspects
Environmental Aspects The Program is classified as category C for environment, in accordance with ADBs Safeguards Policy Statement (2010), as it is likely to have minimal or no adverse environmental impacts. Civil works involves only small-scale construction of lower secondary schools and upper secondary facilities, with all sites will be on government-owned land and situated in non-sensitive areas.
Involuntary Resettlement The Program is classified as category C for involuntary resettlement, having no involuntary resettlement impacts. As noted above, all civil works will be small-scale and on government-owned land.
Indigenous People For indigenous peoples (termed ethnic groups in Lao PDR), the Program is classified as category B, with considerable beneficial impacts for ethnic groups. Both SESDPs policy loan and project grant focus on addressing access and equity issues related to children from poor ethnic groups, particularly girls. Of the 30 districts targeted under output 1, 20 have mostly ethnic populations, and all 3 SESDP outputs emphasize improving access, quality, and SES management in poor, remote, and largely ethnic group areas. An Ethnic Group Plan (EGP) has been prepared in order to (i) outline the potential impacts of the Program (particularly the project) on ethnic groups, (ii) specify actions to address the impacts, and (iii) help improve the distribution of benefits to ethnic groups. The EGP supports integration of ethnic groups' needs and interests into each of the project outputs, and ensures effective participation and access to the benefits of the project. Key targets and/or features of the EGP include ensuring: (i) ethnic groups receive (a) 80% of dormitory spaces, scholarships, and remedial learning opportunities; (b) 80% of slots for a pilot teacher placement scheme and for teacher qualification upgrade grants; and (c) preferential access to in-service training (including as trainers); (ii) all textbooks and other materials developed under the project are ethnicity-sensitive; and (iii) institutional analysis, school network mapping, M&E, and other analytical work include ethnic group issues and criteria.
Stakeholder Communication, Participation and Consultation
During Project Design In-depth dialogue with relevant government agencies throughout the Program design process; workshops/roundtables with agencies/departments at the central and provincial levels, international development partners, and private sector/nongovernment actors; compilation of existing data and conduct of focused studies; informal focused group discussions at both the institution and village/community levels; and direct consultations with school staff and students in target areas.
During Project Implementation Non-government entities (including private schools and non-profits) are being involved in SESDP-supported work to operationalize new policies on engaging private sector provision of and/or support to secondary education in Lao PDR.
Responsible ADB Officer Christopher A. Spohr
Responsible ADB Department Southeast Asia Department
Responsible ADB Division Human and Social Development Division, SERD
Concept Clearance 28 Jun 2010
Fact-finding 09 May 2011 to 24 May 2011
Board Approval 20 Sep 2011
Grant No. Approval Signing Effectivity Original Revised Actual

Financing Plan Top Grant Utilization
  TOTAL ( Amount in US$ million)
Project Cost 30.00
ADB 30.00
Counterpart 0.00
Cofinancing 0.00
Date ADB OTHERS Net Percentage
Cumulative Contract Awards
31 Aug 2015 21.596 72%
Cumulative Disbursements
31 Aug 2015 21.288 71%
Top Status of Covenants
Category Sector Social Financial Economic Others Safe
Rating Satisfactory Satisfactory Satisfactory Satisfactory Satisfactory Satisfactory
2008 Asian Development Bank

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