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Metro Manila Urban Services for the Poor :  Philippines


Loan Name Metro Manila Urban Services for the Poor
Country Philippines
Project Number 38398- 02
Source of Funding/Amount[Dropped]
Ordinary Capital Resources US$40.00  million
Thematic Classification
Economic growth
Social Development
Environmental Sustainability
Impact The expected impact of the Project is to improve living conditions and quality of life of informal settlers and urban poor families living in Metro Manila. The Project contributes to Millenium Development Goals 7, Target 12 of improving the quality of life of 100 million slum dwellers. The result will be reduction of the incidence of urban poverty, reduced incidence of water-borne, respiratory and related diseases through improved water supply, sanitation, waste collection and physical environment in Project communities.
Outcome The outcome of the Project will be improved basic infrastructure and urban services, including secure tenure, and decent and affordable housing for 3,603 urban poor families in two cities of Metro Manila - Muntinlupa and Taguig, site development for 1,190 poor Local Government Unit (LGU) employees in Muntinlupa, and neighborhood/home improvements for 2,000 beneficiaries in other areas of Metro Manila. Capacity development of Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC), LGUs, community organizations like Homeowners Associations (HOAs) shall be made integral to the whole project design. The Project supports in-situ development and urban renewal, and tries to avoid relocation of urban poor families away from their current location and sources of livelihood since distant relocation normally results in re-migration and proliferation of new informal settlements. A policy reform agenda will also contribute to the institutional strengthening and capacity development.
Outputs The Project will consist of five outputs which provide affordable assistance to the poor, to be implemented over a period of four years. Two outputs will be implemented in two Metro Manila cities (Taguig City and Muntinlupa City) which have been subject to detailed feasibility studies that are presented in individual subproject appraisal reports (SPARs). The third output is a credit line for community-based settlement upgrading in legalized informal communities in other Metro Manila cities. Output four is capacity development and output five sector reforms.
Geographical Location The Investment Program consists of five Projects; Project 1 includes two subprojects in two Metro Manila cities (Muntinlupa City and Taguig City) which have been subjected to detailed feasibility studies presented in individual Subproject Appraisal Report
Safeguard Categories Safeguard Categories explained (Launches new browser window)
  Environment B
  Resettlement A
  Indigenous People C
Summary of Environmental and Social Aspects
Environmental Aspects Investment projects have been assessed in terms of compliance with both the Philippine Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) System and the ADB Environment Assessment Guidelines (2003). This was done as part of feasibility studies and preliminary design. The final outputs were initial Environmental Examinations (IEEs) for submission in compliance with the Philippine EIS System and ADB's Guidelines. The subprojects in Taguig and Muntinlupa are classified as Category B with limited adverse affects to the environment. The investment projects are considered environmentally sound, and environmental impacts associated with construction works are expected to be minimal and mitigated through implementation of mitigation measures identified in IEEs. The summary initial environmental examination (SIEE) is attached as Appendix 12 in the draft RRP. An environmental assessment and review framework (which includes an environmental screening checklist for future investments under the CMP Plus) was developed to guide environmental assessment of potential investment proposals (Supplementary Appendix I of the draft RRP).
Responsible ADB Officer Florian M. Steinberg
Responsible ADB Department Southeast Asia Department
Responsible ADB Division
Executing Agencies Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC)
  Eduardo T. Manicio, Executive Vice Pres.
  Banco De Oro Plaza 8737 Paseo De Roxas Makati City
Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council
  Ms. Lucille P. Ortile, Director General
Concept Clearance 17 Jun 2005
Fact-finding 11 Sep 2006 to 05 Dec 2006
Appraisal 02 Feb 2009 to 11 Feb 2009
Board Approval 31 Mar 2010
2008 Asian Development Bank

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